Brahim Benaissa

Brahim Benaissa

Designing new soft computing systems in engineering. Focusing on design optimization at the Design Engineering Laboratory, Toyota Technological Institute.

Develops optimization algorithms and computational methods to solve problems in structural designs, structural health monitoring, and human-centred computing.

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🌎 Nagoya, Japan


Human Activity Recognition

🔗 Download the dataset 1 Cooking Activity Recognition Challenge The dataset is collected in a setting where cooking activities are performed. Each of the subjects is instructed to cook three typ...

Writing a New Post

Naming and Path Create a new file named with the format YYYY-MM-DD-title.md then put it into _post of the root directory. Front Matter Basically, you need to fill the Front Matter as below at th...

Text and Typography

This post is to show Markdown syntax rendering on Chirpy, you can also use it as an example of writing. Now, let’s start looking at text and typography. Titles H1 - heading H2 - heading H3 - h...

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