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Plugin Optimization Testing

A collection of Benchmark functions for optimization algorithm testing. Plugin your algorithm with 54 benchmark functions.

📂 Download MATLAB Code (Zip)

1:40 Unimodal and Multimodal functions 1.  40:50 Custom Composite Functions.  51:54 Engineering Problems 2.

📓 Functions Details (Word.docx)

📓 LaTeX Equations (Word.docx)

📂 Functions plots (Zip)

🔗 YUKI Algorithm

📑 Cite in your work as

B Benaissa, N Aït Hocine, S Khatir, M K Riahi, S Mirjalili. YUKI Algorithm and POD-RBF for Elastostatic and dynamic crack identification. Journal of Computational Science. 2021. (Download Preprint PDF)

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  • Functions Details

  • LaTeX Format Equations


  1. Mazhar Ansari Ardeh and Jason Long for 1:40 BENCHMARK FUNCTIONS Source  

  2. Hamza YAPICI for the 51:54 ENGINEERING PROBLEMS Source  

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.


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