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Plugin Optimization Testing

A collection of Benchmark functions for optimization algorithm testing. Plugin your algorithm with 54 benchmark functions.

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1:40 Unimodal and Multimodal functions 1.  40:50 Custom Composite Functions.  51:54 Engineering Problems 2.

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What are the benchmark functions for optimization algorithms❓

Benchmark optimization functions are mathematical functions that have been established and widely accepted as standards for testing and evaluating optimization algorithms. They are used to assess the performance of an algorithm in terms of accuracy, speed, robustness, and other criteria. Some of the popular benchmark optimization functions include the sphere function, Rosenbrock’s function, Rastrigin’s function, Ackley’s function, Griewank’s function, and Schwefel’s function, among others. These functions vary in complexity, dimensionality, and the presence of multiple local optima, which makes them suitable for testing different types of optimization algorithms. The use of benchmark functions helps to provide a fair and standardized assessment of optimization algorithms and aids in the comparison of different algorithms on a common ground.

List of function:

F1Sphere function
F2Powell Sum function
F3Ridge function
F4Brown function
F5Exponential function
F6Xin-She Yang N.3 function
F7Zakharov function
F8Schwefel 220 function
F9Schwefel 2.21 function
F10Schwefel 2.22 function
F11Rosenbrock function
F12Schwefel function
F13Rastrigin function
F14Xin-She Yang N.2 function
F15Xin-She Yang N.4 function
F16Happy Cat function
F17Periodic function
F18Quartic function
F19Shubert 3 function
F20Salomon function
F21Three-Hump Camel function
F22Drop Wave function
F23Leon function
F24Booth function
F25Matyas function
F26Brent function
F27Schaffer N.1 function
F28Ackley N.2 function
F29Bohachevsky N.1 function
F30Schaffer N.4 function
F31Keane function
F32Levi N.13 function
F33Bukin N.6 function
F34Holder Table function
F35Cross-in-Tray function
F36Wolfe function
F37Egg Crate function
F38McCormick function
F39Decker’s Arts function
F40Bartels Conn function
F41Composition Function 1 (3 functions)
F42Composition Function 2 (3 functions)
F43Composition Function 3 (4 functions)
F44Composition Function 4 (4 functions)
F45Composition Function 5 (6 functions)
F46Composition Function 6 (6 functions)
F47Composition Function 7 (8 functions)
F48Composition Function 8 (8 functions)
F49Composition Function 9 (10 functions)
F50Composition Function 10 (10 functions)
F51Welded Beam Design
F52Tension/Compression Spring Design
F53Pressure vessel design problem
F54Cantilever beam design problem

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🔗 YUKI Algorithm 2.0

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YUKI Algorithm and POD-RBF for Elastostatic and dynamic crack identification. Journal of Computational Science. 2021. (Download Preprint PDF)

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  1. Mazhar Ansari Ardeh and Jason Long for 1:40 BENCHMARK FUNCTIONS Source  

  2. Hamza YAPICI for the 51:54 ENGINEERING PROBLEMS Source  

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.


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