Brahim Benaissa

Brahim Benaissa

Designing new soft computing systems in engineering. Focusing on design optimization at the Design Engineering Laboratory, Toyota Technological Institute.

Develops optimization algorithms and computational methods to solve problems in structural designs, structural health monitoring, and human-centred computing.

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🌎 Nagoya, Japan



📂 Download MATLAB Code (Zip) Metaheuristic-based neural Network Training❓ Meta-heuristic optimization algorithms are popular and effective methods for solving complex optimization problems. Th...


📂 Download MATLAB Code (Zip) What Is Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD)❓ It is a mathematical method used to analyze and reduce the dimensionality of complex data sets. It is widely used in...

YUKI Algorithm 2.0

📂 Download Python Code (Zip) 📂 Download MATLAB Code (Zip) What is YUKI Algorithm❓ It is an metaheuristics earch algorithm, The idea behind it is to divide the search space into small secti...

Plugin Optimization Testing

A collection of Benchmark functions for optimization algorithm testing. Plugin your algorithm with 54 benchmark functions. 📂 Download MATLAB Code (Zip) 1:40 Unimodal and Multimodal functions 1....

YUKI Algorithm 1.0

📂 Download MATLAB Code (Zip) 📓 Manuscript (Word.docx) 🔗 More Test Functions 📑 Cite as YUKI Algorithm and POD-RBF for Elastostatic and dynamic crack identification. Journal of Computat...

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